2nd Edition Assagao, dec. 2012

Workshops December 2012

We were over 20 volunteers to give several intuitive workshops. The intelligence of the creative motion rather than concentrate on a constrictive technical approach are still our target.

These are a few of them:

Portrait photography: We had an open-air studio (a soft-box) built in the school (a tent made of white cloth was used under the sunlight). This time the results wre astonishing. Th kids have photographed the whole school in an intimate relation with the subject.

Pinhole Photography: The origin of argentic photography made with a simple paper-camera kit..

Photogram photography: Using objects and photographic paper to create art piece.

Air-Painting: As last previous edition, photography of drawings done in the air coloured with torches in the dark.

Painting with multiple techniques: using the dripping, washed up paint, market, and others such as oil, watercolours, etc.

Drawings with different materials: (pastels, home-madecharcoal pencil, coloured pens, etc.)

Stop-motion films: Sculptures made with clay. We made two short films with sound. And stop-motion with drawings.

A quick technical class in order to explain the processes of photography, film and moving images.

We helped the kids to imagine a scenario and make a basic storyboard in order to create a video-clips.

Making of Theatre of marrionnettes.

Building of a model of the school 1/100 scale.

Collage technique recycling pictures, magazines and published images as a base for creating a graphic work.

Another spatial approach was the 3 dimentionnal floor drawings.

The dripping technique was introduced as well on long strips of paper.

The end of the term was crowned with the conception and installation of three final exhibitions, to conclude the art classes with the management of the communication space.

The smaller kids attended to the drawing classes too.