Welcome to the Art Classes Project. This is the website of the Art Classes Project. Recently, the activities of the nonprofit organization are changing.

Trans-class, Trans-sphere:

Initially the Art Classes Project was a platform for artists and art-students desiring to give free art classes for underprivileged kids in unexpected areas.

Trans- class and Trans- sphere concepts can help to understand the issues that are at work in these missions : Through creative classes, the actors – teachers and kids – criss-cross from a “(social) class” to another, from a culture to another, go out of their usual sphere to explore, discover and share a mutually increased reality.


Intuition & Knowledge:

We developped intuitive art classes for kids, intuition is a sort of impulsion, a natural knowledge that reaches directly the reality. Using the movement as a simple gesture, we established a point of connection between each kid’s inner reality and the ordinary real.

Inspired by the experience we had through our free art classes for underpriviledged kids, we started to give creative workshops for children in primary and basic education of the capital (Brussels). Similarly other workshops will soon be offered outside of school structures.


Substance & accidents (Spontaneous knowledge & reflective knowledge):

The texture of these workshops tend to launch a cognitive process of experience and action (with the forces, materials, lights, colors and memory) by the movements and perceptions which succeed and influence the kid to establish his own sensitivity and creative expression.


Our website is in evolution, people have to register, and that will start slowly as always. I hope to get loads of good connections for our further editions this year in India.

The aim is to conceive art classes that give the kids the opportunity to actively participate in an immediate art project that will conclude with an exhibition of the kids work, their first creative communication with the world. The feed-back for the artists and art-students is very rich too.


We help the kids to canalize the expression of their emotions with total freedom, which allows them concentrate on the realization of their project. To do so, we divide the kids in groups, or teams and let we them name it together.

There is absolutely no competition encouraged by the Art Classes Project, as it obviously lowers the young kids’ concentration and attention and it tends to atomize the group. To develop our classes, we tend to use what is materially accessible in the area and we bring over the rest of the props ourselves.

We don’t give any creative restrictions to the kids, apart from technical and material ones involved in the workshop’s processes. We’re supporting and we’re stimulating the kids’ wishes to be a part of the creative process, and we don’t question the value of their participation unless necessary for the health of the group – but this hasn’t been necessary so far.


The first edition was born from my first encounter with the kids of the Fatehpur Sikri School (Saraswati Shishu Mandir). They asked me for an art class as I visited the school, so I promised to establish art classes in the area.

When I came back to India to settle the first edition of the project, I immediately received the support of the Goverdhan Tourist Complex next door to the school. They offered free accommodations and meals for our whole team. If they hadn’t done so, I believe the Academy wouldn’t have had the support of the State Authorities to launch this project with me. The first edition of the Art Classes Project was made possible by the support of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liège, Belgium and the students from the Academy. The State Authorities gave me permission to take the students who wished to and who were able to assume the cost of their trip to participate in this unique experience.

This endeavor has been total success, In 10 days, 6 students, one artists and myself gave daily art classes to approximately 70 to 80 kids aged from 8 to 15 years old, including a couple of classes for younger students.

I produce several other editions as many other students from the Academy showing a lot of enthusiasm for the project. Also, interest has spread to other art schools across the country, and amongst artists who would like to join the Art Classes project.

We gave different workshops all based in the intelligence of the creative motion rather than concentrate on a more constrictive technical approach.

Support us! We need a bit of everything: volunteers, art-teachers, artists  and students. Besides that, any sort of support is useful for our next editions. Register and send over here your questions, comments and proposals, we’ll get back to you.

Artist, submit your project for the next session


First edition On January 2012, the first edition of the Art Classes Project took place in Saraswati Shishu Mandir School of Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India. This was a total success for every one.

Second edition In december 2012 a second edition of the Art Classes Project was produced in Shanti Niketan, Assagao, in Goa for the street kids and orphans of El Shaddai/Childrescue. This was a huge succes, and we plan to return there sometime in the future.

Third edition We have of to give up our project of classes in Slums de Lock Nagar in Madras, because the municipality began(undertook) the eviction of people who live and the destruction of the unhealthy buildings there in December 2013 , we went to the center of Leading Lights (Educators Trust) to Mapusa, Goa. We gave it classes of painting, photography of portrait in studio natural light (made on the spot), Photogram and argentic laboratory (made-up on the spot), manufacturing of puppets,  suits & costumes design, creation of a scenography and a self-expression through movement, … All this was provided to about forty children of different ages who lived on a piece of waste ground close to the school under plastic covers.

Further edition: We will go back to Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, to give class to the first school where we went in 2012. Saraswati Shishu Mandir school.

In order to devellop summer edition, and allow people who only have availability at this period, I’ll visit some other schools in Kashmir and Nepal to see what we can settle over there. I’ll keep you informed. It will be a way to discover the Himalayan culture and population.

The recent tragic earthquake in Nepal might be a big problem for me to go ahead and prepare the art class over there.